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Indoor and Outdoor Wall Paneling and Facades

KNAPP® connectors provides solutions for both indoor and outdoor wall paneling and facades. Our fasteners are designed specifically to allow the panels to be simply snapped in place, while in most cases the joint can still be adjusted and re-tightened via the screws of the hardware. Our connectors streamline the manufacturing process while increasing the overall value of the finished product. With non-visible connecting systems, the design aesthetic is maintained while providing a superior connection.

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DUO 30 / DUO 35

The DUO 30 and DUO 35 connectors are innovative and versatile products that are often used in furniture making and architectural millwork. Common applications include sectional sofas and couches, facades, windows, staircases, handrails, shop fitting, beds, tables, wooden staircases, indoor and outdoor wall paneling, and much more. They are easy to use by simply being snapped into place and provide a recessed and concealed connection, saving time for further processing of the workpiece, allowing a simple and fast assembly, and easy shipping.
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UNO 30

UNO 30

The UNO 30 features an easy and fast assembly that simply snaps into place. The UNO 30 is designed for common uses like facades, wall paneling, baseboards, moldings, handrails, furniture, and fixtures but truly has endless applications. This product can be used on all wooden materials but also in combination with concrete, stone, aluminum, steel, plastic and other materials while providing a concealed and self-locking connection. The UNO 30 is a hook connector made of stainless steel that saves time by being immediately load-bearing and retains the design aesthetic of your finished product with no visible holes, screws, or drilling.
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The KLICK-System is a range of products, including the miniKLICK, KLICKpro, sKLICK, and KLICK that are used to snap together and mount small design components with small dimensions, such as moldings and trims. The fasteners are concealed, can be simply snapped together, and are utilized in a variety of applications like wall paneling, covers, moldings and trims, casings, and more with no additional screwing or nailing necessary. They are made of durable plastic that is UV and weather resistant, which makes them perfect for use around windows and doors.
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DUO System


The DUO-System is strategically engineered for fast processing, while maintaining a design of traditional frame joints in furniture making. The DUO-System is simple and easy-to-use, even for the end user. It is self-thigething, adjustable, and provides a hidden connection. It is perfect for bed frames, small timber construction, exterior and interior cladding, wooden staircases, and furniture.
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