KLICK-System – Sample Pack


The KLICK-System Sample Pack contains 30 product samples:

10 x KLICK
10 x sKLICK
10 x KLICKpro

The KLICK-System is a range of products, including the KLICK, sKLICK, KLICKpro and miniKLICK that are used to snap together and mount small design components with small dimensions, such as moldings and trims. The fasteners are concealed, can be simply snapped together, and are utilized in a variety of applications, like wall paneling, covers, moldings, and trims, casings etc. with no additional screwing or nailing necessary. They are made of durable plastic that is UV-and-weather resistant, which makes them perfect to use for applications on windows and doors.

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Instructions on how to install chair rail using the sKLICK Dovetail Connector