The TUCK Sample Pack contains 25 pieces:

5 x TUCK 6×25 mm
5 x TUCK 8×35 mm
5 x TUCK 10×32 mm
5 x TUCK 10×28 mm
5 x TUCK 10×16 mm

TUCK is a spring steel dowel that can be installed like a conventional dowel but guarantees permanent tightening. It is designed to be self-tightening with no clamping aid needed when assembling pieces like cabinets, furniture, and other interior design elements. Designed to save time, TUCK also considerably reduces labor for cabinet and furniture making, since it eliminates the need for a clamping aid. TUCK is used in a multitude of furniture and interior design applications, such as; case goods, cabinets, shelving, fixtures, architectural millwork, and shop fittings.

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