The ZIPBOLT™ Sample Pack contains 6 pieces:

2 x ZIPBOLT 100 Mini
2 x Zipbolt 90 KD
2 x Zipbolt 85

The ZIPBOLT™ connector is a practical and innovative solution as a frame and worktop connector. The ZIPBOLT™ completely eliminates the difficult and time-consuming use of a screwdriver needed for conventional connectors.

The connector consists of a threaded rod, which has a metric fine thread, and ensures an optimal force transmission – combined with a force-transmitting gear drive. The mounting of the connector is very fast; it is easy to install with a cordless screwdriver. With these tools the processor can quickly tighten the components together. One-hand mounting is also possible. The worktops and frames can be connected in just a few seconds. The different variations of the ZIPBOLT™ are specifically tailored for different dimensions and requirements in the components.

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